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Gaskin Feurich Designs - Althea Gaskin Feurich    Interior/ Architectural Designer

         Welcome To Gaskin Feurich Design
  The Best Laid Plan

        Re-imagine the possibilities of mixing Modern,Traditional & Contemporary 
        Design Ideas

Offering a selection of services from Interior Design/Architectural Design
 to custom accessories.

Evidence-Based Healthcare Design
Designing for Apartment Dwellers, 
Designing Offices, Commercial ADA Kitchen 
& Bath, Space Planning to Window Treatments

     Have a look at the newly designed items 
and products added to the GFD Web Shop.
We would love to here from you. Please
Contact us at any of the two emails or 
 phone number on Contact Us page. 

 Custom Pillows: Cotton & Roses
 *more selection on the GFD Web Shop Page


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