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Sugarsticks by Gaskin Feurich Designs - Althea Gaskin Feurich Fashion Designer
     *Gaskin Feurich Designs will show at Spring 2014 Fashion Week in New York City. Location will be announced at a later date.

- "Gaskin Feurich Designs offers a collection of clothing  and Lingerie that's playful and sexy. The creations are all Full Figure friendly. Lace Trimmed Camisoles Tap Pants, and Chimes are all featured in vibrant colors and Luxurious fabrics. This is how a girl wants to look and feel."

 Gaskin Feurich Designs own creations of Tops and Dresses will    be added  through out the four seasons.

Blue Chimes with Wide Cream Stretch Lace & Cream Rosette
Green Silk Chimes with Wide Cream Lace & Cream Rosette

Yellow Poly Blend Tap Pant with Brown Wide Lace & Pink Rosette  

Please Contact Gaskin Feurich Designs by emails or phone number listed on  the Contact Us page. 

Gaskin Feurich Designs

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